Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Circle of Life.

...I notice that there wasn't any music playing. It's kinda like my sense of smell. You breathe normally, and then notice when there is a foul smell. I can be sitting at home, and suddenly realise that i'm not listening to music.

I'm in the mood for some vinyl, so i lean over the fan to turn the turntable on the table on.

The fan i'm leaning over is taking up the power point where i usually have the turntable plugged. So i decide to move the fan to the computer power board.

I look over to the position where the fan would be positioned if it were to be plugged into the computer power board, and notice an empty packet of Arnott's Shapes, in my beloved "Savoury" flavour.

So i pick up the discarded Shapes box, and move to the bin to properly dispose of it. Low and behold, the bin is full and requires emptying. Not an overwhelming task by any means, just inconvenient that i will have to engage some pantaloons to do so.

So i walk to my room and don some duds. Happy that I am now able to leave the house without being accosted for being pantless, i turn my attentions back to whatever it was that i was doing...

... wait, what was i doing?

It's at this point, that I notice that there wasn't any music playing...