Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I happen to be awake at 5am. So i was rummaging around the web, and found the very first online blog post I made, on a site called h2g2. h2g2 was an online Hitch-hiker's guide community, later the site was bought by the BBC. This is a miniature snapshot of my life, fresh out of high school, and facing the world for the first time. No such thing as Google back then.

Erroneous Data Of The 42nd Nature, Subsection A1

Post: 1
Posted Jun 3, 2000 by Hef Gargit
Hmmm... so this is my journal. I used to have a journal at high school that my teacher would make me write in for at least fuive minutes at the beggining of every class. I would always end up writing something useless, like lyrics to a song or rewording lyrics to a song to express my disgust at having to write for five minutes in a journal at the beggining of every english class.
But its all over know and i try to think of high school as a bad dream.
So what do i do know? Im at TAFE now. And if you dont know what tafe is, well, you should move to Australia then shouldnt you!
I think every time i can be bothered writing a journal entry i will write all the places the number 42 has appeared in my life recently. So Here goes...
Places I Have Seen The Number 42 Lately:
- All phone numbers in my city and nearby to my city have the prefix 42. This comes from the days where if you didnt live in my city you had to dial 042 before you tried to call anyone in my area.
- My home page is titled "Error 42" (http://nettrash.com/users/hef_gargit). I wrote all of the html myself without any stupid html editor, like frontage or page maker.
- I was at a service station cafe called "Deli-France" the other day and i noticed that the Service station (from here in dubbed a "Servo") was selling LPG gas for 42.9 cents a litre.

Well, this is Hef Gargit, signing off...

 Wow, check out that date... what a blow out. Ten years later, im back at tafe and posting random songs on my blog. Some things never change.

Life's pretty awesome when you're flying through space in a jeep , going apeshit with a Nintendo controller.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hah, couldn't have picked it any better. The day after i say I have nothing to write about:

Looking to muster up huge support for it, even though it already looks like it's going to be huge - I snatched the last two tickets at Oak Flats Roller Skating Rink today!

I'm sure heaps of people will ask, so here's a quick FAQ:

- Are you associated with WIRD?
No, Derby is just extremely relevant to my interests!

- Isn't it staged, like on TV?
Not as far as I can tell... extremely thrilling to watch anyway!

- What do i need to bring?
A seat! Bring something to sit on! And a good shouting voice! Food, Drinks and MERCH is on sale at the event!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


i keep two blogs, and unfortunately most of the content from my other blog (kept on a porn site) isn't really suitable for here. If I write something that i feel I can share publically, ill post it here. I promise!

- Heath F Gargit.