Thursday, October 8, 2009


Where is the time to do everything I want?

I feel so tired and lethargic lately. My brain is a bit clearer, but my body feels like shit. No matter what time I go to bed, i always wake up feeling like i haven't slept at all.

One of my goals is to go out by myself. It sounds weird, but i think it's the next step in breaking my social barriers. One of Mystery's tips is to familiarise yourself with your surroundings. I was thinking of just heading to one of my locals, as crappy or "not my style" as they are. To familiarise, and to just get out and do something.

I've been trying to play Metal Gear Solid. Yes, i'm talking about the PSOne version. I spent most of last night just dicking and talking to friends, and just didn't get around to it. Tonight I was at my nan's place having dinner and watching TV until 11pm. Tomorrow night i'm working. I bought MGS2 to play straight after it, but it seems a fair way off yet. And it sucks too, because i'm ENJOYING it. I've barely noticed the outdated graphics, because i've been too busy enjoying the story.

Speaking of tomorrow night: The premiere of Beauty and the Geek is on. Someone tape it for me? Just in case I can't find a torrent of it? I haven't seen an ad or anything, but people have told me that i wasn't nearly geeky compared to the guys that got on. I mainly just want to find out if I know any of them...

And lastly, as much as you may or may not want to hear it - I've been randy as all hell lately, and I don't know why. There just seems to be a lot of people around me getting laid and my frustrations are getting the better of me :\

That's all for now, blog. Stay Cool.


  1. I found the same thing when replaying MGS. It's like Max Payne. The story kicks so much ass that you really don't care about the graphix.

    INB4 "Give me back Max Payne"

  2. Haha, nah man i'm pretty sure you once offered to return Max Payne and I declined and told you to keep it - I know you love it more thsn me :D