Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Old School.

Scotty and Keean came over last night. We shot the shit and played guitar hero. I swear I wasn't trying to show off :P We ordered pizza and let Scott rape our ear drums with terribly bad music. And i'm not exaggerating there - it wasn't music that i just didn't like, it was music that he had deliberately chosen for it's horridly screeching banshee singers. Oh, and Scott totally managed to sneak Khe Sahn onto my hard drive...

Keean teased that we should all go out in town and terrorise women. I really hope we go ahead with that, because i think it would be the kind of group that would help me with my approach anxiety. I would feel a lot more awesome amongst a group with that configuration.

I also bought a turntable yesterday. I tried to figure it out last night and managed to get it to play - albeit it with the stylus dragging on the vinyl (and me just cranking up the pitch to compensate for it slowing the playback). I actually READ the instructions today, put the counterbalance onto the pick-up arm, and corrected the anti-skate. No, i have no idea what any of that means, but I did it, and now i have Barry White cranking at the even level pitch (+-0). I played my Pulp Fiction vinyl earlier and notice it had a terrible hum, which i *think* was to do with the turntable being on table next to the stereo, and the reverberations creating feedback into the stylus, like a microphone in front of a speaker.

Note To Self: Find local places to buy Vinyl!

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