Saturday, October 3, 2009

lol, first.


As you're all probably aware, is no more. I've had a private blog going since then, but I wanted a more public place to share my thoughts and opinion. I debated using my old livejournal account, but decided that i had left that in a happy place, and kinda wanted to keep it like that. That and i'm all about new starts at the moment.

I'm going to use this blog for my more creative outbursts, and to document all the changes and stuff i'm experiencing. Hopefully i'll be reviewing all the games i'm planning to play, kinda like a review site. I've vowed to buy a new game each time i get paid, in order to wade through the back catalogue of games that i missed out on while i was addicted to crack (AKA World of Warcraft). If you have any suggestions, you know what to do!

I'm really hoping my post frequency is around one post every few days. I've enabled posting via email too, so hopefully I can do a bit of photodocumenting. As this is a public type journal for me, i probably won't go into too much elmo crap here, i'll leave that for my private journal ^_^ I also have this crazy idea of going through my old journal and re-posting some of my favourite posts in lieu of real updates. LIKE THE BEST OF, BUT FOR THE PAST 10 YEARS OF MY VARIOUS BLOGS.

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